Reckless Conversations is the most hilarious party game of all time!  Everyone’s responses to the real life statement cards will have you and your friends laughing for hours, if not for days afterwards!

Now you can finally say what you want!


Refreshingly funny, the best game on the market, my favorite game of all time.


Number 1 game of 2020! What a great way to bring people together.


We were laughing and texting each other about it for days after we played.

-Married Friend

Perfect icebreaker at parties.

-Partying Friend

Love that it’s super easy to travel with.

-Backpacking Friend

We all had a blast and played for hours.

-Single Friend

I was so impressed with how funny this game is and that it’s applicable to all my groups of friends.

-Best Friend

Super funny, a comedic relief.


Thanks for caring about the environment and donating some of your profits to saving the Amazon Rainforest!

-Environmentally-Minded Friend

The perfect new card game for the holidays.

MCK Team

We’ve partnered with Amazon Conservation to help save the Amazon Rainforest. A portion of our profits go directly to them, so thank you for your help in making a difference!  Check them out here.